Oliver Stockdale

Oliver Stockdale

PhD Student

Heidelberg University

I am originally from Durham, UK but then moved to Brisbane, Australia where I lived for 11 years or so. I began studying physics at The University of Queensland and it was here I developed my passion for research. I tried a few different projects over the years ranging from computational cosmology to condensed matter physics, but it was superfluid vortices that ended up hooking me in. With Matt Reeves and Matt Davis, I simulated vortex dynamics in 2D superfluids and worked closely with experiments using thin-film helium and atomic Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC).

Now I am in Heidelberg studying entanglement in quantum fields. We are interested in understanding how entanglement behaves in the long-time limit as well as studying entanglement generation in complex systems such as multi-mode spinor BECs. Outside of physics, I thoroughly enjoy baking (and eating the results) as well as being outside enjoying nature (when it’s not raining).

  • Cold Atoms
  • Quantum Simulation
  • Entanglement