Networks and Funding

We are funded by the DFG within the Collaborative Research Center ISOQUANT (SFB1225). Within this network we study entanglement in quantum fields (Project A06) and the dynamics of disordered quantum systems (Project A05) in collaboration with experimental and theoretical groups.
Baden-Württemberg foundation
We are funded by the Baden-Württemberg foundation within the competence network Quantum Technologies Baden-Württemberg, where we investigate methods for verifying quantum simulators in collaboration with the group of Alexey Ustinov at KIT.
Cluster of Excellence STRUCTURES
We are funded by the Cluster of Excellence STRUCTURES within which we collaborate with Razvan Gurau in an exploratory project on "Emergent phases of matter in driven disordered spin systems".
SynQS group
We collaborate closely with other experimental and theoretical groups within the Synthetic Quantum Systems (SynQS) collaboration.