Bang-bang shortcut to adiabaticity in the Dicke model as realized in a Penning trap experiment


We introduce a bang-bang shortcut to adiabaticity for the Dicke model, which we implement via a two-dimensional array of trapped ions in a Penning trap with a spin-dependent force detuned close to the center-of-mass drumhead mode. Our focus is on employing this shortcut to create highly entangled states that can be used in high-precision metrology. We highlight that the performance of the bang-bang approach is comparable to standard preparation methods, but can be applied over a much shorter time frame. We compare these theoretical ideas with experimental data which serve as a first step towards realizing this theoretical procedure for generating multi-partite entanglement.

New J. Phys. 20, 055013
Martin Gärttner
Martin Gärttner
Group leader