ultracold atoms

Entanglement detection

Certifying and quantifying entanglement in experimental data

Disordered spin systems

Understanding the dynamics of disordered quantum spins

Neural quantum states

Using neural networks as efficient quantum state representations

Semiclassical simulations predict glassy dynamics for disordered Heisenberg models

We numerically study out-of-equilibrium dynamics in a family of Heisenberg models with $\frac{1}{r^6}$ power-law interactions and positional disorder. Using the semi-classical discrete truncated Wigner approximation (dTWA) method, we investigate the …

Single-particle localization in a two-dimensional Rydberg spin system

We study excitation transport in a two-dimensional system of randomly assembled spins with power-law hopping in two dimensions. This model can be realized in cold atom quantum simulators with Rydberg atoms. In these experiments, due to the Rydberg …

Detecting entanglement structure in continuous many-body quantum systems

A prerequisite for the comprehensive understanding of many-body quantum systems is a characterization in terms of their entanglement structure. The experimental detection of entanglement in spatially extended many-body systems describable by quantum …

Glassy quantum dynamics of disordered Ising spins

We study out-of-equilibrium dynamics in the quantum Ising model with power-law interactions and positional disorder. For arbitrary dimension d and interaction range α≥d we analytically find a stretched exponential decay with stretch power β=d/α for …