Quantum computing and quantum information

Summer semester 2021

This lecture gives an introduction to topics related to quantum computing and quantum information theory. Video material will be complemented by homework exercises, including programming exercises, and tutorial sessions.

Topics include:

  • Quantum circuit model: states, operations and measurements
  • Quantum algorithms
  • Quantum computational complexity classes
  • Quantum channels, noise and decoherence
  • Quantum error correction and fault tolerant quantum computing
  • Quantum computing hardware overview
  • Quantum information theory: basic concepts

Dates and time: Mondays 14:15-16:00h, online on zoom (link will be provided in the exercise group system), first session on 12.04.2021, Tutorials: Wednesday 16:15-18:00h and Thursday 14:15-16:00h (Note that the time of the Thursday tutorial was changed compared to the time announced in the LSF.)

If you want to participate in this lecture, please sign up for the tutorials.

Course requirements: Basic knowledge of quantum mechanics (Theoretical Physics IV) and basic programming skills are required.

Mode of examination: The grade will be based on a written exam.


  • Nielsen and Chuang: Quantum computation and quantum information
  • Watrous: The Theory of Quantum Information
  • Wilde: From Classical to Quantum Shannon Theory
  • Bengtsson and Życzkowski: Geometry of Quantum States
  • Lecture notes of John Preskill
Martin Gärttner
Martin Gärttner
Group leader